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9 Crucial Signs Your Relationship Needs A Helping Hand

Season #1

Join Matt from the Relationship Recovery Toolkit in a one off solo episode which will give you the 9 signs that your relationship could benefit from a bit support.

When we talk about support, we're really referring to giving your relationship and love life that much-needed nudge—something we all require every now and again to keep things moving in the right direction.

Get the free guide on what to do when your partner doesn’t see there’s a problem by clicking here:

Loads of letters and numbers there but an excellent tool for your relationship toolkit. We will work on making our links prettier in the future. 

Episode Highlights:

  • Spotting Key Signs: Uncover nine critical indicators that suggest your relationship could use some support, from ongoing disputes to feeling like mere housemates.
  • Positive Outlook on Seeking Help: We advocate viewing the search for help as a positive step, an opportunity to deepen and strengthen your bond.
  • Moving Through Difficulties: We reassure that noticing these signs isn’t a sign of failure but rather a chance for positive change and enhancement in your relationship.
  • Guidance on Seeking Support: Listeners are directed on how and where to find support, including a special spotlight on our Back On Track programme, designed specifically for couples facing such challenges. For more details on this programme and to access a wealth of free relationship tools and resources, click:
  • Taking Proactive Steps: This episode encourages listeners to actively seek improvement through self-help, structured programmes like Back On Track, and couples counselling, highlighting these as steps towards a more fulfilling relationship.

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