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Back on Track

A jammed packed, intensive programme for any couple who are drifting apart, hit a rough patch, or want to inject some spark back into their relationship. 

Are you a People Pleaser

Do you put everyone else first? Do you feel guilty if you say 'no'?

Take our quiz to find out what sort of people pleaser you are and how it impacts your life!

Communication Challenge

A fantastic five day challenge aim at sorting out the communication in your relationship! Working on empathy, grow deeper connection, a MUST for any relationship!

Therapy Couch LIVE!

Join us, Matt and Laura, chatting all things mental health!

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The Growth Podcast


Join us every Tuesday for our Podcast! Each episode pairs perfectly with our toolkit, offering fun insights and practical tips. We are currently recording our Relationship Recovery Podcast with everything you need to help rejuvenate your relationship.

Tune in, laugh, and learn as we tackle the ups and downs of what life has to offer!

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Toolkit Podcast
Bringing the Therapy Room to You

Designed, developed and delivered by trained therapists


With years of combined experience in therapy and personal development, we bring a wealth of knowledge and insight to every aspect of Growth.


Each of us has honed our skills in diverse settings, from private practices to educational environments, ensuring that our tools are not only theoretically sound but also practically proven.


Our approach integrates the latest research with time-tested techniques, tailored to meet the needs of those seeking guidance and growth.



Designed by Experts

Our resources and programmes are meticulously crafted in every aspect. Every resource is designed with your well-being in mind, ensuring that you receive the most effective and relevant information.

Developed with Precision

We develop our materials through a collaborative process that incorporates feedback from a diverse community of users. Everything we offer has been 

 community-tested, aligning with real-world needs and experiences.

Delivered with Care

Our aim is to deliver with compassion and convenience. We make sure that you have easy access to our resources, anytime and anywhere, with support available at every step.

Here What Our Clients Say


"Grateful for the Resource"

I've been a client of Laura's for a while now and the tools she gives me to manage my stress and feeling overwhelmed is exactly what was in the blog. We do the brain dump a lot!

Great to have all the tools here!





"We Felt a lot Closer"

After a rough patch in our marriage, the 'Back on Track' programme was a great. We hadn't really spoken properly for ages but the first task of 'Love Maps' was really lovely and we felt a lot closer. I'm looking forward to working through the rest!




"Matt is Great"

I've worked with Matt since Christmas with my anxiety. He is so understanding and the the techniques he gave me really work! I think putting the techniques out here for everyone to use is such a good idea. I wish you both all the best of luck!


L & T 


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